Find the volume V of the region bounded by z=x+y, \; z+24 , and the planes x=0, \;y=0. V=...


Find the volume {eq}V {/eq} of the region bounded by {eq}z=x+y, \; z+24 {/eq}, and the planes {eq}x=0, \;y=0. {/eq}

{eq}V= \; \rule{20mm}{1pt} {/eq}

Finding the Volume:

The objective is to find the volume by using triple integral method.

The general form volume is {eq}Volume = \iiint dz dy dx {/eq}

By using the given bounded region we have to find the limit then find the required solution.

Answer and Explanation:

Now, we have to find the limit.

The given region is {eq}z = x + y \\ z = 24 {/eq} and the plane is {eq}x = 0 \\ y = 0 {/eq}

Therefore, the...

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