For a certain linear spring, 4\ joules of work is required to stretch it 0.02\ meters from its...


For a certain linear spring, {eq}4\ joules {/eq} of work is required to stretch it {eq}0.02\ meters {/eq} from its natural length. Determine how far the spring is stretched from its natural length if a total of {eq}8\ joules {/eq} of work are done.

Work Done In Elongating A Spring

Springs are an important part of our day to day life and have various uses in the simple as well as complex machines.

The shock absorbing mechanisms in our automobiles make use of springs , watches and clocks have springs in them.

Therefore it is important to understand how springs of different materials work and how forces act on them.

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Let the force constant of the spring be {eq}k\;\text{N}\;\text{m}^{-1} {/eq}

We know that the work done in pulling a spring by...

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