For stable interference to occur, the phase difference must be. a. incoherent b. monochromatic c....


For stable interference to occur, the phase difference must be _____.

a. incoherent

b. monochromatic

c. 1/2 (wavelength)

d. constant

Interference of Waves:

The phenomenon of interference is a distinctive property of waves. Interference occurs when two coherent waves overlap. When the waves have the same property of frequency or wavelength because they are from the same source, they are called coherent.

Answer and Explanation:

In order to have a stable and clear interference pattern, the waves should be monochromatic with a constant phase difference.

When the phase different is half of their wavelength (or odd integer multiples of that), the combined wave would be completely destroyed, called a destructive interference.

On the other hand, if the phase difference is a multiple of wavelength (in phase), the two waves will overlap, and gives the increased intensity of the waves, called a constructive interference.

So, the correct answer is (d).

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