For the hypothesis test H_0: against H_1: mu is greater than10 and variance known, calculate the...


For the hypothesis test {eq}H_0: {/eq} against {eq}H_1: mu >10 {/eq} and variance known, calculate the P-value for each of the following test statistics.

a. {eq}z_0 = 2.02 {/eq}

b. {eq}z_0 = -1.80 {/eq}


By the help of an alternative hypothesis, it is determined whether the test is a single tail or a double tail. If the test is a single tail test then there is only one rejection region otherwise two.

Answer and Explanation:

{eq}H_o: \mu \leq 10 {/eq}

{eq}H_a: \mu > 10 {/eq}

Single Tail

The population variance is known.


Z test

a) Test statistics:


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