For what value of x is the equation 15x+11=17x+27-2y valid? A. x = y/11 B. x=y-8 C. x=19-y D....


For what value of x is the equation 15x + 11 = 17x + 27 - 2y valid?

A. x = y / 11

B. x = y - 8

C. x = 19 - y

D. (19 - y) / 16

Combining Like Terms:

When solving equations or simplifying expressions, we need to combine like terms to make calculations much easier. Like terms refers to individual terms that have the same variable in them.

Answer and Explanation:

The given equation is {eq}15x+11=17x+27-2y {/eq} and we are to solve for the value of {eq}x {/eq}.

First, take the {eq}x {/eq} values on one side...

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