Have you engaged in professional networking? What did you experience and learn? If you have not,...


Have you engaged in professional networking? What did you experience and learn?

If you have not, do you believe it could help you in your search for employment?

Do you plan to utilize professional networking in your job search? Why or why not?


Networking refers to an individual making connections with other people who may have something in common with them. It involves staying in contact with these people. Before the advent of the internet, networking was done by word of mouth and people would mention whom they know in conversation with other people. Nowadays, lists of "contacts" or "friends" are available on social networking sites online.

Answer and Explanation:

Professional networking is a type of social networking used to accomplish job-related goals. I have engaged in professional networking in order to grow my chances to obtain a good job with a major company. Professional networking is very beneficial because it helps develop relationships and encourages building trust between candidates and potential employers. Candidates can support each other and build a large professional circle. From my personal experience, I would recommend professional networking to anyone who is on the lookout for a job.

Professional networking helps candidates find employment in multiple ways. It helps candidates get references about jobs, advance their knowledge and get additional opportunities, find open positions, get guidance from peers and look professional.

I would include professional networking in my job search plan because it helps me get career planning online support and guidance from peers. I can also learn about the work environment and culture of potential employers before applying for a job, which helps me to weed out employers which do not seem to be suited to my personality or needs. Professional networking can also provide me with more information about job requirements in my own field.

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