How can we best attract institutional investors? Explain briefly.


How can we best attract institutional investors? Explain briefly.


For initiating or expanding any business or project the money put into is called Investment. The main objective is to put money to work and earn. It somehow involves risk too. It is a tool for ensuring the long-term security of financial assets.

Answer and Explanation:

We can attract institutional investors by:

1. Objectives, statements, and detailed procedures if possible involved in the entire business.

2. Clear and objectified forecasting both quarterly and midyear.

3. Best asset management, practices, and reporting.

4. Valuation of properties and investment.

5. Backed up with Institutional grade systems for reporting and accounting.

6. Auditing system and process from third party auditing institution for recommendations and actions of improvement.

7. Methods for safeguarding and improving the critical technological assets of the companies.

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