How did Cesare Beccaria die?


How did Cesare Beccaria die?

Cesare Beccaria:

Cesare Beccaria was born on March 15, 1738 in Milan, and was educated at the University of Pavia. After law school, he continued to pursue the interests of the Enlightenment and in 1763, directed his attentions to criminal law. This study led him to his most famous work, On Crimes and Punishments, (1764) which made him popular at the time and considered to be the 'Father of Modern Criminal Law and the Criminal Justice System.' During the 1760s, he also developed an interest in studying economics and may have postulated the first ideas upon the division of labor.

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Cesare Beccaria died of natural causes on November 28, 1794.

By the late 1780s, Beccaria was suffering from declining health and the effects of old...

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