How did Charlemagne improve the lives of people in Europe?


How did Charlemagne improve the lives of people in Europe?

Charlemagne and the Reunification of Western European Territories:

In the early Middle Ages, the reign of Charlemagne represented an important political and intellectual time. Smaller kingdoms were abandoned in exchange for the geographic centralization of Christian rule that would unify the territories that were once part of the Roman Empire.

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Charlemagne improved the lives of people in Europe by unifying the Western European territories that had once been under Roman rule. The unifying aspect of Charlemagne's rule gave birth to the Carolingian Renaissance. The royal court became the center of intellectual activity. There was an increased interest in Ancient Latin and Greek. Religious leaders became more educated. Under Charlemagne, Europe became the center Christian civilization, with a long lasting effect on the culture of Western Europe.

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