How did Egyptians record events?


How did Egyptians record events?

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is one of the most well-known civilizations of its time, famous for pyramids, hieroglyphs and pharaohs. They kept extensive records of their history, but due to the nature of the writing it has only been deciphered relatively recently.

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The ancient Egyptians had official records written by scribes and priests, which were carved into stone or written on papyrus. The more important events were carved into stone, since it's more permanent, while every day occurrences would be written on papyrus. The important events were recorded using hieroglyphs, which were more complex, while less important events were recorded by using the more simple hieratic writing system. Hieroglyphs are well-known today, and they are based on a pictogram system, meaning that every symbol signifies an entire concept, rather than a letter. They are written in rows or columns from whichever direction and derive meaning from their position to each other, since the same symbol can stand for different things depending on context. They were only able to be deciphered in the 1820s with the discovery of the Rosetta stone, which has both hieroglyphs and other languages that were already known at the time.

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