How did Lise Meitner discover nuclear fission?


How did Lise Meitner discover nuclear fission?

Lise Meitner:

Lise Meitner was born on November 7, 1878 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. She was the daughter of a Jewish Lawyer and the third of eight siblings. Initially, she followed in the Jewish faith of her Father but converted to Christianity as an adult. She was interested in math and science from the age of eight but her education was largely private because it was illegal for women to attend the university until after 1900. When the Law was changed she entered the University of Vienna and earned a PhD in physics. In 1912 Meitner moved to Germany to work at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institute where she studied radiochemistry. During World War I, She served as a nurse in the German Army running x-ray machines, after which she returned to the Institute to study nuclear fission. Most of the awards received for breakthroughs in nuclear research went to her male colleagues. After the rise of the Third Rich, Meitner fled to Switzerland where she spent the remainder of her career. After retirement she moved to a nursing home in Cambridge, England where she died on October 27, 1968.

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Meitner performed several experiments in which uranium was bombarded with neutrons. The result each time was the transformation of uranium into...

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