How did Upper and Lower Egypt split?


How did Upper and Lower Egypt split?

Ancient Egypt:

The Kingdom of Egypt was founded by King Narmer about 5000 years ago. Before Narmer established and unified the Kingdom, the Lower and Upper Egypt regions were ruled separately. Ancient Egypt then came to be ruled by different dynasties in the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, and Late Kingdom. Between these kingdoms were periods of transition where Upper and Lower Egypt were separated.

Answer and Explanation:

During the tail end of the New Kingdom of Egypt, the Egyptian community had become polarized due to weak leaders that ruled it. Ramesses XI was the last leader of the united New Kingdom of Egypt and allowed the High Priests of Amun to exert control over Thebes in Upper Egypt and Smendes to exert their authority over Lower Egypt. Following the death of Ramesses XI, Smendes established his dynasty in Lower Egypt, making Tanis his capital. Upper Egypt remained under the control of the Priests of Amun.

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