How do people deal with Charles Bonnet syndrome?


How do people deal with Charles Bonnet syndrome?

Charles Bonnet Syndrome:

Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is a condition in which a person will have visual hallucinations, which occur when a person thinks they see something that is not actually there. It is not completely understood what causes a person to have CBS, but it is usually associated with a loss of vision, such as the loss of vision caused by macular degeneration or a stroke. CBS is not classified as dementia or psychosis due to the fact that people with CBS are fully aware that these visual hallucinations are not actually real.

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There are no cures for Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS). However, there are several things a person with CBS can do to help them deal with the condition, which include:

  • Control stress and anxiety, which seems to make visual hallucinations more frequent
  • Moving or blinking the eyes rapidly often helps to make the visual hallucinations disappear
  • Certain medications (ex: olanzapine, clonazepam, and donepezil) seem to help with CBS
  • Frequent check-ups with the ophthalmologist to help maintain the vision that they still have

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