How do you convert cm^3 to m^3?


How do you convert cm3 to m3?

Unit Conversions:

Converting units is a common need in the sciences and many other professions. It is accomplished most often by use of a conversion factor. These factors are equalities that can be shifted from one side to the other to result in the desired final units. For example, a volume equality is 1000 mL = 1 L. If one mathematically moves one unit from one side to the other, one creates a conversion factor which equals 1 so its use will not change the value of the unit being converted, only how it is expressed. This is what it looks like mathematically:

{eq}1000\:mL\:=\:1\:L\\\frac{1000\:mL}{1000\:mL}\:=\:\frac{1\:L}{1000\:mL}\\1\:=\:\frac{1\:L}{1000\:mL}\\\\OR\\\\\frac{1000\:mL}{1\:L}\:=\:\frac{1\:L}{1\:L}\\\frac{1000\:mL}{1\:L}\:=\:1 {/eq}

Either resulting fraction can be used depending on the final unit desired. If you want to end up with liters, multiply using the first fraction. If you want to end up with mL, multiply using the second fraction. (The unit in the numerator should be the unit one wants to end with.)

Answer and Explanation:

In this problem we are converting cubic centimeters (cm3) to cubic meters (m3). Let us start with an equality from which we can use to make the needed...

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