How do you say honest in Spanish?


How do you say 'honest' in Spanish?

Spanish Adjectives of Personality:

Being able to describe yourself is an important, basic language skill. When you tell someone about about your personality, you will get to practice your Spanish while meeting new people. Fortunately, there are many adjectives of personality that are cognates between Spanish and English, which means that you don't have to work very hard to learn new vocabulary!

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In Spanish, there are two commonly-used words for 'honest'. Both have masculine and feminine forms, and are very similar to their English equivalents. 'Honest' can be translated as honesto (masculine, pronounced: oh-NEHS-toh) or honesta (feminine, pronounced: oh-NEHS-tah). Another word used to mean the same thing (or 'sincere') is sincero (masculine, pronounced: seen-SEH-roh) or sincera (feminine, pronounced: seen-SEH-rah).

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