How do you say what are you talking about in Spanish?


How do you say 'what are you talking about' in Spanish?

Common Phrases in Spanish:

You can use the Spanish equivalent of the expression ''What are you talking about?'' to react to someone's comment or to show surprise or confusion. The verbal form changes depending on the person we're addressing.

Answer and Explanation:

The expression ''What are you talking about?'' can be translated to Spanish in two ways - we can use the present continuous, but also the present simple:

  • ¿De qué hablas? (pronounced: deh keh AH-blahs)
  • ¿De qué estás hablando? (pronounced: deh keh ehs-TAHS ah-BLAHN-doh)

Notice that the preposition de occupies the first position in the question.

You would use these phrases to address someone informally, for example, a friend, a colleague, a relative or someone of your age group. However, if the situation is formal, the verbs must agree with usted (you formal):

  • ¿De qué habla? (pronounced: deh keh AH-blah)
  • ¿De qué está hablando? (pronounced: deh keh ehs-TAH ah-BLAHN-doh)

When addressing two or more people, we'd say:

  • ¿De qué hablan? (pronounced: deh keh AH-blahn)
  • ¿De qué están hablando? (pronounced: deh keh ehs-TAHN ah-BLAHN-doh)

Here are some example sentences:

  • ¿De qué hablas? No entiendo nada. (What are you talking about? I don't understand anything.)
  • ¿De qué están hablando? Me sorprenden sus comentarios. (What are you both talking about? Your comments surprise me.)

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