How do you simplify 9m + 4m + 8n + n + 3mn - 2mn?


How do you simplify 9m + 4m + 8n + n + 3mn - 2mn?

Combining Like Terms and the Number 1:

In mathematics, like terms in an expression are terms that contain the same variables raised to the same powers. We can combine like terms by adding or subtracting their coefficients. When we combine like terms, and the coefficient of the new term is 1, we can write the new term in a couple of different ways, but one of those ways is more accepted in the study of mathematics than the other.

Answer and Explanation:

The expression 9m + 4m + 8n + n + 3mn - 2mn simplifies to 13m + 9n + mn.

To simplify this expression, we identify like terms, then combine them using...

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