How does mining cause erosion?


How does mining cause erosion?


Mining is an economically important industry for many countries but it comes at a cost. Mining can result in the pollution of natural resources, harm to the biodiversity of habitats, and erosion of the land.

Key Terms

  • Pollution: Pollution includes any physical, chemical or biological material that disrupts homeostasis and is not a natural part of the ecosystem.
  • Natural resources: Natural resources are substances that are produced naturally through the Earth or ecosystems that humans can use for our own benefit. Natural resources include things like water, plants, soil, and fossil fuels.
  • Biodiversity: Biodiversity is the amount of different species living in one ecosystem at one time. Biodiversity is important because it helps keep ecosystems stable and healthy.

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Mining causes erosion when it strips an area of vegetation, such as trees and plants. The roots of trees and plants are essential to keeping soil in...

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