How does nitration of cellulose take place?


How does nitration of cellulose take place?


Nitration of benzene and other aromatic compounds are industrially important reactions. Nitration is the reaction of an organic compound with a nitrating agent such as a mixture of nitric acid and sulfuric acid, to form one or more products containing nitro group/s bonded to carbon atom/s. However, a reaction of an alcohol ({eq}ROH{/eq}) with a nitrating agent to form organic nitrate ({eq}RONO_2{/eq}) in which {eq}NO_2{/eq} group is bonded to oxygen atom, is also called as nitration reaction.

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Cellulose, {eq}[C_6H_7(OH)_3O_2]_n{/eq}, is one of the widely occurring biopolymers of D-glucose. In D-glucose, there are five -OH groups. In...

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