How does the Earth's core influence plate tectonics?


How does the Earth's core influence plate tectonics?

Causes of Tectonic Plate Movement:

The Earth's core has a couple of sources of heat. The sources are latent heat from the formation of the Earth, heat generated from the radioactive decay of elements in its core and heat created from the flow of dense metals such as nickel and iron circulating from the mantle outward to the crust. This heat energy moves in currents called convection currents.

Answer and Explanation:

The theory of plate tectonics describes the dynamic movement of the Earth's outer layer, the crust. The movement of these crustal plates is responsible for many common landforms, such as volcanic arcs and mountain ranges. The Earth's core provides the source of the heat energy needed to form convection currents in the outer core and mantle. The currents are responsible for tectonic plate movements on the Earth. Without the heat energy from the core, plate movements would stop, which would have a direct long-term impact on climatic and evolutionary factors.

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