How effective is the ecosystem of earth?


How effective is the ecosystem of earth?


Ecosystems are the collection of all living and non-living things in an ecosystem. Living things are referred to as biotic factors and non-living things are referred to as abiotic factors.

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The ecosystem of the entire Earth is highly effective at maintaining homeostasis, or a balance of living things. The ecosystem of the Earth consists of all living things, such as plants, animals, bacteria and fungi, as well as the non-living factors such as soil, water, sunlight, rocks, and other nutrients living things need to survive. Humans currently are disrupting the ecosystem on Earth by destroying the habitat through deforestation, pollution and climate change. However, the ecosystem tries to balance these things and adapt to restore homeostasis. But, if we don't start moderating our impact on the environment, the ecosystem will become less effective at supporting life.

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