How long did the Roman Empire last in Britain?


How long did the Roman Empire last in Britain?

Roman Empire:

The Roman Empire was the government and territory of the ancient Romans between 27 BC and 480 AD. It is also the name for the period of Roman history after the Roman Republic, 509-27 BC. At its largest extent in the second century AD, the Roman Empire covered most of Western Europe and all of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Emperors governed this vast territory from the capital of Rome or from other major cities. The Empire was split into two separate states during the fourth century AD, each with its own emperor and co-emperor. The government of the Western Roman Empire collapsed after 476 AD, while the Eastern Roman Empire lasted until 1453 AD.

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Roman Britain (Latin Britannia) was a territory in the Roman Empire from 43-410 AD. Romans ruled parts of Britain for 367 years. Julius Caesar invaded...

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