How many grams of 5.400 wt% aqueous HF are required to provide a 50% excess to react with 14.0 ml...


How many grams of {eq}5.400\ wt\% {/eq} aqueous {eq}\rm HF {/eq} are required to provide a {eq}50\% {/eq} excess to react with {eq}\rm 14.0\ ml {/eq} of {eq}\rm 0.0236\ M\ Th^{4+} {/eq} by the following reaction?

{eq}\rm Th^{4+} + 4F^- \to ThF4 (s) {/eq}.

Excess Reactant:

A reactant is said to be "in excess" when there is more volume (or mass, moles, etc.) available to react with the other reactant than is required by stoichiometric principles.

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The atomic mass of thorium is 232.04 g/mol, and the molar mass of HF is 20.01 g/mol. Since these react on a 1 : 4 mole basis, the required mass of HF...

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