How many grams of Sb 2 S 3 will contain 4.80 moles of S?


How many grams of Sb{eq}_2 {/eq}S{eq}_3 {/eq} will contain 4.80 moles of S?


Mole is one of the 7 basic units used in the international system. It is used for expressing the amount of the substance. The number of moles of the compound is defined as the mass of the compound divided by the molar mass of the compound.

Answer and Explanation:


  • Number of moles of S = 4.80 mol

The chemical formula of the compound(Antimony trisulfide) is = {eq}Sb_2S_3 {/eq}

1 mol Antimony trisulfide contains 3 mol sulfur

So, 4.80 mol S will present in = {eq}\dfrac{1\,mol\times 4.80}{3}=1.6\,mol\,Sb_2S_3 {/eq}

Molar mass of Antimony trisulfide = 340 g/mol

Mass of Antimony trisulfide = {eq}1.6\,mol\times 340\,g\,mol^{-1}=544\,g {/eq}

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