How many moles are represented by 16.0 g of ethanol, C_2H_5OH?


How many moles are represented by {eq}16.0\ g {/eq} of ethanol, {eq}\rm C_2H_5OH {/eq}?

Number of Moles

Given the mass of a compound, the mole number of the compound can be determined using the equation: {eq}Mole\ number = \dfrac{m}{M} {/eq}, where, m and M are the mass and molecular mass of the compound, respectively. Note that one mole is basically equal to Avogadro's Number, where the Avogadro's number is {eq}6.022 \times 10^{23} {/eq} molecular entity.

Answer and Explanation:

Solve the number of moles of the ethanol using

{eq}Mole \ number = \rm{\dfrac{mass}{molar\ mass}} {/eq}

Note that the molar mass of the ethanol is {eq}46.07\ \frac{g}{mol} {/eq}.

Substituting the given value of mass and molar mass. Therefore,

{eq}Mole\ number = \rm{\dfrac{16.0\ g}{46.07\ \frac{g}{mol}}}\\ \boxed{Mole\ number = 0.35\ mole} {/eq}

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