How many moles of O2 are present in 67.2 L of O2 gas at STP?


How many moles of O{eq}_2 {/eq} are present in 67.2 L of O{eq}_2 {/eq} gas at STP?


A mole in chemistry is a unit of measurement that is used to measure the amount of a substance. One mole of a chemical substance is said to have {eq}6.023\times 10^{23}{/eq} particles (ions, electrons, molecules atoms etc).

Answer and Explanation:

At the standard temperature and pressure(STP), one mole of a gas is said to occupy a volume of 22.4L. Thus, the number of moles in oxygen gas that occupies a volume of 67.2L is equal to:

  • Moles of {eq}O_2 = \dfrac{67.2L}{22.4L mol^{-1}} = \boxed{3 mols} {/eq}

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