How many moles of sodium ions are there in 5.85 g of NaCl?


How many moles of sodium ions are there in 5.85 g of NaCl?

The Mole

The mole is a unit of counting atoms. It is numerically equal to {eq}6.02 \times 10^{23}\,mol^{-1} {/eq} which is an incredibly large number of particles. This is so large because atoms are incredibly tiny. Using this concept, chemists can count particles in chemical reactions.

Answer and Explanation:

One mole of any substance contains {eq}6.02 \times 10^{23}\,mol^{-1} {/eq} particles. Also by definition, one mole of any element has a mass equal to its atomic mass in the unfits of grams per mole. This allows chemists the ability to count by weighing out materials.

In this problem, we have 5.85 g of sodium chloride which we can turn into moles using the molar mass of sodium chloride (which is the mass of sodium plus the mass of chlorine). We can then determine the number of moles of ions using the formula for the sodium chloride.

{eq}\displaystyle 5.85g\,NaCl \times \frac{1\,mol\,NaCl}{58.5g\,NaCl} \times \frac{1\,mol\,Na^+ \,ions}{1\,mol\,NaCl} = 0.100\, mol \,Na^+ {/eq}

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