How many total chromosomes are in a somatic cat cell?


How many total chromosomes are in a somatic cat cell?


Cats (Felis catus) are a domestic animal which is related to lions and tigers. They are carnivores and despite domestication they retain a hunting instinct and will often kill rodents and birds.

Cell Types

  • In organisms that use sexual reproduction, the cells are generally divided into two categories, somatic cells and germs cells.
  • Somatic cells make up most of the organism's body, while the germ cells are only used for sexual reproduction.
  • Somatic body cells usually have twice the number of chromosomes (2n) as the gametes used for sexual production (n).
  • Some types of body cells may not contain any DNA at all, such as the red blood cells in humans, but they are still somatic cells as they did have a 2n set of chromosomes before they were removed.

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