Identify and present arguments either for or against the genetic engineering of plants. Outline...


Identify and present arguments either for or against the genetic engineering of plants. Outline the five reasons that, in your opinion, are the most important. List your reasons in a decreasing order of importance.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO)

Genetically modified organisms are the organisms that have been genetically altered by using techniques of genetic engineering. These organisms are referred to as transgenics because they consist of the DNA from other organisms such as bacteria, plants, or animals. The techniques of genetic engineering are applied to make the genome of the organisms more efficient in terms of its yield or protection against pathogens.

Answer and Explanation:

Five arguments in favor of genetic engineering of plants are:

  1. Genetically modified crops are safe to consume because the genes that have been transferred into the crops is to produce a specific desired effect and will not cause any undesirable impact on human health. In addition to this, GM crops undergo strict testing before the release of any product in the market.
  2. Genetic engineering can make the crops self-sufficient to protect itself from the pathogens and insects that harm the crops. These genetically modified crops restrict the unnecessary use of pesticides and insecticides.
  3. Genetically modified crops produce more yield than its wild relative. It can be beneficial to farmers with less land to become self-sufficient as they can now produce more food by using GM crops.
  4. Genetic engineering of plants produces new crops but it is a more specific approach as a defined set of genes can be transferred in the crops which makes the plant advantageous over the traditional wild variety.
  5. The advantages of patenting of the genetically modified plants can promotes the scientific community to produce more such plant variety for the welfare of the society as this technique can be used to solve world hunger.

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