Identify the petrological characteristic of igneous rocks


Identify the petrological characteristic of igneous rocks

Types of Rocks:

All the various different types of rocks that are found on planet Earth cane categorized into three different types of rocks, which are igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Each type is formed in a certain way to give the rock its distinctive looks.

Answer and Explanation:

The petrological characteristics of igneous rock are:

  1. Formed Crystals: Most igneous rock have some sort of a formed crystal within their structure. The crystals range from very small to large crystals that are a few centimeters. When igneous rock cools quickly, it typically forms tiny crystals, while igneous rocks that slowly cool form larger crystals.
  2. Color and features: Igneous rocks range from light to dark in color. The color is dependent on the type of minerals and substances that make up the rock. For example, granite is composed of mostly light in color substances, such as quartz. Igneous rocks range from one color to having many colors. Also, these rocks often lack the layering that sedimentary rocks possess.
  3. Weight: Typically, some igneous rocks are light in weight if they contain many air pockets from cooling fast, while some are quite heavy from a slow cooling process. Many of these rocks have higher melting temperatures.

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