If 6 oz of dough are needed to make an 8-in pizza, how much dough will be needed to make a 16-in...


If {eq}6 \, \mathrm{oz} {/eq} of dough are needed to make an {eq}8 {/eq}-{eq}\mathrm{in} {/eq} pizza, how much dough will be needed to make a {eq}16 {/eq}-{eq}\mathrm{in} {/eq} pizza of the same thickness?

Algebraic Equation Word Problems:

An algebraic equation is formed when a relation between any variable is equated to a constant. In word problems involving an algebraic equation, this relation is given in the problem statement and we need to form an algebraic equation out of it. Assuming a base variable and determining other unknowns in its term also helps in simplifying the equation.

For example: {eq}4x +3y = 1{/eq} is an algebraic equation where {eq}x{/eq} and {eq}y{/eq} are variables and {eq}1{/eq} is the equivalent constant of the relation shown in the equation.

Answer and Explanation:

It was given that {eq}6\ oz {/eq} of dough is used to make {eq}8\ inches{/eq} pizza.

it can be expressed as:

$$6\ oz\ of\ dough = 8\ inches\ pizza. $$

Multiplying equation with 2

$$2\times 6\ oz\ of\ dough = 2\times 8\ inches\ pizza. $$

$$12\ oz\ of\ dough = 16\ inches\ pizza. $$

Hence we can conclude that {eq}12\ oz {/eq} of dough is required to make {eq}16\ inches {/eq} pizza.

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