If y= 4x-2, what is y when x is 4?


If y= 4x-2, what is y when x is 4?

Evaluating Equations for Specified Values of a Variable:

In mathematics, an equation in two variables is exactly as its name implies; an equation with two variables. When given an equation in two variables, we can find the value of one of the variables, y, for a specified value of the other variable, x, by plugging in the given value of x for x in the equation, and then solving for y.

Answer and Explanation:

If, y = 4x - 2, then when x = 4, y = 14. To find the value of y when x = 4, we plug 4 in for x into the equation, and then solve for y. This goes as follows:

  • y = 4x - 2

Plug in x = 4.

  • y = 4(4) - 2

Simplify the right-hand side of the equation.

  • y = 16 - 2
  • y = 14

We get that when x = 4, y = 14.

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