If you wanted to administer a spinal cord drug or perform a spinal tap on a patient, where along...


If you wanted to administer a spinal cord drug or perform a spinal tap on a patient, where along the spinal cord would you insert the instrument?

A. Between C2 and C3 (C = cervical)

B. Below L1 (L = lumbar)

C. Between T3 and L1 (T = thoracic)

D. Above L1

Spinal Tap:

The spinal cord begins at the level of the skull and extends down to the L1-L2 vertebral level. The cord is surrounded by a fluid called cerebral spinal fluid or CSF. CSF is produced in the brain and transported around the brain and down the spinal cord all the way down to the sacrum or S1 level. There are many functions of cerebral spinal fluid, one in particular is that it can be drawn out of the body and tested. The tests can be for any type of brain or spinal cord disease or condition. Spinal taps are also a way to deliver medication into the spinal canal, from anesthesia to help with child birthing to chemotherapeutic medication to help fight cancer. The needle for spinal tap needs to be very thin in order to fit between the vertebrae and sharp enough to puncture the two first layers of the meninges, the dura and arachnoid mater. The needle will need to be inserted through the dura and arachnoid mater into the subacrachnoid space, when a clear liquid enters the needle you hit CSF.

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A spinal tap, also know as a lumbar puncture, is performed between the lower lumbar vertebrae, specifically either L3/L4, or L4/L5 levels. The...

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