In terms of pricing, what are the characteristics of skimming strategies?


In terms of pricing, what are the characteristics of skimming strategies?


Determining or setting a particular value for the product after analyzing the incurred cost is called pricing. Skimming price strategy is one of the methods of pricing, which helps to maximize the company's profit.

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The characteristics of skimming strategies are as follows:-

  1. This strategy is useful when the company launches a new product in the market.
  2. It focuses on setting the highest price for launching a new product in the market.
  3. It attracts those customers who are quality-oriented and are willing to spend more on products.
  4. It always divides the market into segments for targeting high-end customers.
  5. This strategy helps create a prestigious brand of the company as it launches at a high price, introducing the product as a genuine and premium product.
  6. It enhances product testing by testing the product while selling it. The high-end customers will give feedback regarding the product quality and price after purchasing a high-priced product at the introductory stage.

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