Is ethyl acetate a polar or non-polar solvent?


Is ethyl acetate a polar or non-polar solvent?

Polarity in Molecules:

Molecules may be referred to as being either polar or non-polar. H{eq}_2{/eq}O is an example of a polar molecule as it has disparities in electronegativity between its oxygen and its hydrogens. Note that while such a molecule has no net charge, it does have some partial charge/s and a resultant bent molecular geometry helps in localizing the partial charge centers. The hydrogens' are partially positive charged, and the oxygen is partially negatively charged.

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The ethyl acetate molecule, with the simplified formula C{eq}_4{/eq}H{eq}_8{/eq}O{eq}_2{/eq}, is a polar solvent.

Ethyl acetate


Note that it...

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