Is Khafre Enthroned stylized?


Is Khafre Enthroned stylized?

Khafre the Pharaoh

Khafre was a pharaoh of the 4th dynasty during the Old Kingdom. He succeeded Khufru and was followed by Menkaure. Little is known about Khafre's reign, other than that he built the second largest pyramid in the Pyramids of Giza complex, the Sphinx was likely built for him, and that according to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, Khafre was a "cruel and heretical king" who kept the temples closed. However, Herodotus was writing 2,000 years after Khafre's time.

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Yes, Khafre Enthroned is a stylized statue. This statue is a funerary statue, and as such it represents more about what Khafre wanted to say about the...

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