Is mighty-Mart and/or Anne-Marrie Bradford responsible for the working conditions at Yellow...


Is mighty-Mart and/or Anne-Marrie Bradford responsible for the working conditions at Yellow Dragon Enterprises? Explain

Mighty Mart's negligence in Yellow dragon contract

Whenever a company enters a contract with another party their liabilities must be discussed in the contract. The party entering the contract is not the owner and so his liabilities are limited. The party has certain liabilities and must-see where and how the products are manufactured,

Answer and Explanation:

No, I don't think Mart and Anne-Marrie Bradford is fully responsible for the working conditions at Yellow dragon. But they can be partially held responsible as Mighty Mart entered into a manufacturing contract with Yellow dragon. They did not directly recruit the employees but yet they should have inquired about the condition in which their products are been manufactured. They are not the direct owner of the factory, so they are not directly accountable. Their liability quotient is according to the contract, they have entered into with the yellow dragon. When both the parties enter into a contract, the liability of each party should be mentioned in the contract. When Mighty Mart discovered that they were not following the Chinese labor laws, they thought of ending the contract, but I think that was not seriously considered. They did not force them to follow the law. They should have appointed agents, to secretly find out how the yellow dragon is operating. When Mighty Mart appointed auditors, the yellow dragon to deceive them by false reports. Mighty Mart should have verified the authenticity of the report. The condition of the workers working for the yellow dragon was pathetic. Mighty Mart had some ideas about the condition of the workers, but they neglect those reports and continue with the yellow dragon due to cheap manufacturing costs. If they had ended the manufacturing contract beforehand, this type of situation would not have arisen.

Hence, mighty-Mart and/or Anne-Marrie Bradford are partially responsible for the poor condition of the workers.


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