Is somatic cell nuclear transfer the same as therapeutic cloning?


Is somatic cell nuclear transfer the same as therapeutic cloning?

What is Regenerative Medicine and What Are Its Uses:

Regenerative medicine is concerned with generating organs and replacement tissues in the lab utilizing cloning techniques. Healthy cells get cloned to generate the desired part to be implemented in the person with damaged, irreparable body parts.

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No, but they are related. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is a technique in which the nucleus of a somatic cell is taken and put into an egg that has had its nucleus removed. It's a general technique that can be used for various applications. However, Therapeutic Cloning is a method of cloning that uses the somatic cell nuclear transfer technique to achieve cells that are identical to the somatic cell that has had its nucleus taken. The ultimate goal for it is to use those cloned cells in regenerative medicine.

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