Josh works as a clerical assistant in a law firm located in a small town. He is not satisfied...


Josh works as a clerical assistant in a law firm located in a small town. He is not satisfied with the pay provided to him. His company is only one of two firms located in the town, and the other firm does not have requirements for a similar job role. Which of the following is a constructive behavior that Josh is likely to engage in?

-Quitting the job

-Waiting for the management to increase his pay

-Voicing his dissatisfaction on social networking sites

-Talking negatively about the firm

Constructive Behavior:

Constructive behavior concentrates on reducing tension and settling existing conflict. Constructive behavior can be active or passive depending on the situation. Active constructive behavior includes public response and reaching out to others, while passive constructive behavior includes patiently waiting for an outcome.

Answer and Explanation:

The correct answer is: Waiting for management to increase his pay.

According to the scenario above, Josh has no other option except for waiting for management to increase his pay. Quitting his job will not guarantee him a job in another company, because the other company in the area does not have a vacancy for a similar job. Voicing his dissatisfaction on social media displays negativity, as does talking negatively about the company. It is unlikely that Josh would be able to benefit from his employer perceiving him in a negative light.

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