Journalize the following merchandise transactions. Refer to the Chart of Accounts for exact...


Journalize the following merchandise transactions. Refer to the Chart of Accounts for exact wording of account titles.

Mar 1Sold merchandise on account, $72,500 with terms 2/10, n/30. The cost of the merchandise sold was $43,500
9Received payment less the discount.
13Issued a credit memo for returned merchandise that was sold for $2,300 terms n/30. The cost of the merchandise returned was $1,600.

Inventory Systems:

In accounting, there are two costing systems used by companies in relation to their inventories: The periodic inventory system and the perpetual inventory system. Small companies typically use the periodic system while large companies use the perpetual inventory system. The main difference between the two is on the recording of the purchases account. In the periodic system, the account "Purchases" as well as its contra-accounts are used. In perpetual system, all purchases are recorded in the "Merchandise Inventory" account.

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Entries under a perpetual inventory system

Date General Journal Debit Credit
Mar. 1 Accounts receivable 72,500
Sales revenue ...

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