Let \ f'(x) = \frac {-1(x+3)(x-1)}{(x+4)} Find all intervals for which f is increasing. Label...


{eq}Let \ f'(x) = \frac {-1(x+3)(x-1)}{(x+4)} {/eq}

Find all intervals for which f is increasing. Label the x-value for all relative extreme.

Maxima and Minima of a real function:

Among the applications of the derivatives, perhaps one of the most important is to obtain the maximum and minimum values of a function, as well as its monotony intervals. In daily life many times we encounter problems in which we must maximize or minimize some useful data.

Answer and Explanation:

General definition of monotony of a function

Sea {eq}f(x): P \subset R \rightarrow Q \subset R {/eq} a function defined between the sets P and Q....

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