Let v = -9i + 3j. Find the vector 2v.


Let {eq}\displaystyle\; \mathbf{v} = -9\mathbf{i} + 3\mathbf{j} {/eq}.

Find the vector {eq}\displaystyle\; 2\mathbf{v} {/eq}.

Scalar Multiplication of Vectors:

A vector is defined as a quantity that has both the magnitude and the direction. The scalar multiplication of vectors involves the multiplication of a vector by a scalar or a constant. For example, if we have a two-dimensional vector {eq}z = x + iy {/eq} multiplied by a constant {eq}k {/eq}, then we form a new vector {eq}z_1 = kx + iky {/eq}.

Answer and Explanation:

We have a two-dimensional vector:

  • {eq}v = -9i + 3j {/eq}

Therefore, {eq}2v {/eq} will be equal to:

  • {eq}2v =2 (-9i + 3j) {/eq}
  • {eq}\boxed{\color{blue}{2v = -18i + 6j}} {/eq}

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