Marx expected the "army of immiseration" to rise up in his country of Germany. However, it was in...


Marx expected the "army of immiseration" to rise up in his country of Germany. However, it was in this country of illiterate peasants that lead the uprising what?

Army of Immiseration:

The army of immiseration was described in a work published in 1847 by Karl Marx. In his thesis, he compared a large group of unemployed individuals to an army under a capitalist-driven society, describing its hierarchy-based nature and its effect on workers' lives regarding their wages, work hours, safety, and others.

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Karl Marx was known for his revolutionary and controversial theories. In his published work in 1847 and 1867, he theorized how the rise in capitalist mentality eventually causes humans to treat people at lower hierarchy like machines causing labor exploitation. He explained this concept with the depiction of the army of immiseration. This is referred to as a huge group of people looking for employment opportunities yet remaining unemployed in the economy. The economy being in a growing stage, allow industrialist the bargaining power to higher workers at an extremely low wage rate. This happens as a large number of unemployed workers are willing to work at any wage rate due to them being in large surplus. This leads to the exploitation of labor, to which Marx states the only solution is to either cause a revolution or die of starvation.

This thesis gained popularity right along the time when the world was recovering from war and was facing recession. Many illiterate peasants were suffering from this capitalist mentality that led to exploitation. This led to upraising in 1919, spreading the communist ideology and the rise of the communist party in Germany.

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