Miles, Inc. is considering the purchase of a new machine for $600,000 that has an estimated...


Miles, Inc. is considering the purchase of a new machine for $600,000 that has an estimated useful life of 5 years and no salvage value. The machine will generate net annual cash flows of $105,000. It is believed that the new machine will also reduce downtime because of its reliability. Assume the discount is 8%. In order to make the project acceptable, the reduction in downtime must be worth

Year Present value of 1 at 8% Present Value of Annuity 1 at 8%
1 .926 .926
2 .857 1.783
3 .794 2.577
4 .735 3.312
5 .681 3.993

A) $45,263 per year

B) $18,264 per year

C) $49,662 per year

D) $23,958 per year

Net Present Value:

Net present value is difference between cash outflow and net present value of cash inflow. Net present value is useful to decide whether a project is beneficial or not . IF the net present value of a project is positive than project is financially visible. Project with higher present value is beneficial than other project.

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