Monasteries provided the first \rule{1cm}{0.1mm}, which were the first institutions meant...


Monasteries provided the first {eq}\rule{1cm}{0.1mm} {/eq}, which were the first institutions meant primarily for people with psychological disorders.

a. asylums

b. sanitariums

c. prisons

d. mental hospitals

Mental Illness Stigma:

Mentally ill individuals have faced stigmatization for their diagnoses and medical treatment. While it is becoming more mainstream to undergo therapy or psychological services, there is still stigma attached to asking for help or being diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Answer and Explanation:

The correct answer is a. asylums.

Mentally ill individuals were often housed away from their loved ones and communities since they were viewed as damaged, sinful or criminal for their mental illness.

Asylums were used to sequester mentally ill persons.

Prisons and mental hospitals also housed the mentally ill and were often not humane in their treatment towards people with mental health concerns, e.g. bloodletting, abuse, neglect.

Sanatariums were facilities that treated physical problems.

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