Mr. JD is a 24-year-old who presents to Urgent Care with a 2-week history of cough and...


Mr. JD is a 24-year-old who presents to Urgent Care with a 2-week history of cough and congestion. He says it started out as a "normal cold," and it will not go away. He has a productive cough for green mucous and has green nasal discharge. He says he has had a low-grade temperature for the past 2 days. John reports an intermittent frontal headache with this cold. He is otherwise healthy, with no known allergies. In his assessment, it is found that his vital signs are stable, temperature is 99.9 degrees F, tympanic membranes (TMs) are clear bilaterally, pharynx is erythematous with no exudate; there is greenish postnasal drainage; turbinates are swollen and red; frontal sinus tenderness; no cervical adenopathy, and lungs are clear bilaterally. What is the likely diagnosis?


Congestion is the terminology that explains the state of stuff up as well as inflamed nose. Diverse categories of negligible infections tend to arise the nasal congestion.

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As per the above scenario, after looking at diverse symptoms such as an increase in temperature, the state of postnasal drip, and erythema, it can be...

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