Oil is leaking out of a ruptured tanker at the rate of r(t) = 55e^(-0.025t) thousand liters per...


Oil is leaking out of a ruptured tanker at the rate of {eq}r(t)=55e^{-0.025t} {/eq} thousand liters per minute.

(A) At what rate, in liters per minute, is oil leaking out at {eq}t=0 {/eq}? At {eq}t=60 {/eq}?

(B) How many liters leak out during the first hour?

Definite Integrals:

Integrals are introduced to us in Calculus, wherein it can be applied in problems in various methods. For one, it can be used to determine the cumulative change in the parameter, say a change in the revenue, upon integrating the function for the rate of change, say marginal revenue.

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Determine the rate of leakage at the given times of t = 0 and t = 60. We do this by simply evaluating r(t) at those values. We proceed with the...

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