Predator Punks Inc. has current assets of $14,000, net fixed assets of $32,500, current...


Predator Punks Inc. has current assets of $14,000, net fixed assets of $32,500, current liabilities of $13,400, and long-term debt of $16,800.

a. What is the value of the shareholder's equity account for this firm?

b. How much is net working capital?

Capital Structure:

In finance, capital structure refers to the composition of debts versus equities in financing a firm's total assets. One commonly used statistics that describes a firm's capital structure is the debt-equity ratio. A firm's capital structure can have important implications for its cost of capital and firm value.

Answer and Explanation:

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a. Shareholder's equity is $16,300.

Shareholder's equity is total assets minus total liabilities, i.e.,

  • shareholder's equity = total asset - total...

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