Predict the reactivity of silicon in water relative to that of sodium, magnesium, and aluminium....


Predict the reactivity of silicon in water relative to that of {eq}sodium, magnesium, and aluminium{/eq}. Explain your answer. How does the reactivity of the halogens vary within its own group from top to bottom?

Periodic Trends:

The arrangement of the elements on the periodic table is not only with respect to increasing atomic number. The shape of the periodic table itself comes from the grouping of elements with similar properties with each other. For instance, we know that metals and non-metals are generally near each other in the table. The properties of elements such as atomic radii, electronegativity, chemical reactivity, can all be compared between elements through just their positions relative to each other.

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The periodic trends for chemical reactivity differ between metals and non-metals. For metals,

  • Reactivity increases as we go from right to left...

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