Ray and Ann were on a camping vacation in Maine. They had reservations for themselves and their...


Ray and Ann were on a camping vacation in Maine. They had reservations for themselves and their car on a ferry from Bar Harbor, Maine, to Nova Scotia. Because they had their two mountain bikes mounted upright on a roof rack on their car, they had to use a special line on the ferry that was reserved for motor homes, vans and other high height vehicles.

Upon loading the ferry, all of these high height vehicles used the rightmost lane of the six parallel lanes on the auto deck of the ferry. When the drivers returned to their vehicles upon reaching Nova Scotia, they were directed off the ferry by ferry employees. The driver of the motor home immediately in front of Ray's and Ann's car on the ferry had not returned by the time all of the cars from other lanes had exited. Ray and Ann were left waiting for another 10 minutes for the motor home immediately in front of their car to exit the ferry so they could drive their car and bikes off the ferry.

Finally, a ferry employee motioned Ray and Ann to turn left into the next lane rather than continue to wait for the motor home to move. Ray and Ann followed the employee's hand signals and moved their car into the left lane adjacent to the lane for high height vehicles. Unfortunately, their bikes on top of their care struck a low clearance pipe and the frames of both bikes were damaged beyond repair.

Ray and Ann want to sue the ferry company. Discuss the legal claim(s) for which they could sue the ferry company, and the likely outcome of such a lawsuit. Explain your reasoning.

Business Conflicts:

Business conflicts refer to the arguments between two or more parties who trying to compromise and create a mutual agreement. Business conflicts generally occur due to negligence of one of the parties, and that negligence could be damage to resources, breach of contract, and so on.

Answer and Explanation:

According to the given information, the legal claim is the negligence of causation and can be used to sue the ferry company.

Negligence of causation refers to the conflict between the parties in which the action of the defender hurts the plaintiff or its property. Here, the action of the employee's hand gives the wrong direction to Ray and Ann resulted in the damage occurred. This claim will be in favor of Ray and Ann as it is the company's responsibility to pay for the damage according to the business law.

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